Tinkbod is a digital creative agency, devoted to developing digital marketing solutions and strategies, to aid brand awareness and communication using disruptive innovation. We specialize in brand identity creation, market positioning, brand development, market research, digital marketing strategy, and design. We are always excited to be part of something different. Our primary goal as a creative agency is to make our clients understand what their brand can be and make it happen. We are continually working on improving the digital marketing space, so businesses can get more return on investment. It's always an amazing experience, working with businesses from different sectors and properly interpreting them to their target market.


We are a talented, innovative, an experienced core of dedicated and diligent individuals unafraid to be unorthodox and willing to show the world that there is more to what we do, from the brainstorm sessions, collaborative moodboards, and initial designs, there is a burst of original ideas we can call our own. Trust us to take your brand to the next level.


Our culture is based on three pillars; critical thinking, radical creativity and functional design.